Handy Tip #1 - Eyes

Have you ever found your eye make up tends to fade? or creases and lines appear? or more so it tends to crack especially eyeliner?! I can say one thing that tends to bug me is when my make up does exactly that and feels rather uncomfortable during the day and feels almost heavy and itchy resulting to your make up disappearing. 

If you do experience this like I did, I have found a handy tip that I use every single day, which prevents this - not only will your eye make up not crack, it stay vibrant, no creases or lines appear and is above all long-lasting!

Here are the 4 products I use:

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer
Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder Translucent
Mary Kay Concealer
Vaseline Aloe Vera

I use these 4 products on my eyelids and around my eye area before applying any make up it is a regime I definitely cannot live without. The products listed above you can use any brand you like as long as you use, a primer, concealer, translucent powder and Vaseline.

1. Apply a thin layer of eye primer onto your eyelids and under the eye area.
2. Then apply a thin layer of Vaseline onto the same area.
3. Apply concealer onto your eyelid and under eye area - making sure there is even coverage. (I find concealer works better than foundation for this)
4. At this point your eyes probably appear shiny and perhaps sticky somewhat - this is where your loose powder comes in handy. With a small brush apply your powder onto the same areas where you applied the other products. This will stop the shine appearance and make this to a matt texture. This also helps to fix the make up eye area.

From here - you can then continue with your usual day/night make up look as usual. :)
Products used:
Primer : MUA eye primer - you can purchase this at any Superdrug or online at a brilliant value of £2.50!
Vaseline: This can be sold at any high street store even supermarkets - £1
Concealer: Mary Kay this can only be bought by a Mary Kay rep as it is not sold in stores cost £8
Powder : Collections 2000 - This is sold within Superdrug you can go to your local store or buy here at a great value of £2.99.!

Again you can use any products you like. I hope this will help you as much as it helps me. :)
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments...

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