MUA Lipsticks & The 4-Hour Challenge..

As I am now in the process of building my Make Up Kit, this is one product I had to include - MUA Lipsticks. These fantastic lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink as well as nude and are packed with loads of colour and what's even more amazing is the price only costing £1! (this is not a mistake) All colours available suit all skin tones and can brighten any make up look you may have.

An added bonus to this especially for all those Make Up Artist out there is it has an additional small tub which is attached to the lipstick by a simple twist - this allows you to still apply your fave colour if you have suddenly ran out :S. Colours I have shown are my personal favourites I absolutely love the pink and red shades and tend to wear these to work which adds that touch of style to a smart outfit.

One thing I have also noticed which I was also very surprised about is how long some of the shades last. More of the subtle shades like light pinks and nude may last to up to an hour which for the value what more can you ask for?

However, more of the pigmented shades such as the bright reds and pinks actually last for 4 hours! - 4 hours! I only started noticing this even after drinking or eating the colour was still visible and vibrant from when I applied. Your lips may tend to fill a little dry but my advice would be to just apply a clear lip gloss or even Vaseline which will help to moisten your lips as well as to give that extra sheen to your lipstick shade.

My personal favs and also my recommendations of this 4 hour long lasting is shade 3 (pink) and shade 13 (red) - the red especially can even last all day!

You can buy these fabulous products in your local Superdrug or even on their website. You can even visit MUA official website and purchases every shade here.

So why don't you try the 4 hour challenge and make a statement allowing you to boost your make up look without breaking the bank!

I would love to hear your comments of how you all got on. :)

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