Bargain Buys!

Hi all! So happy its the weekend!
Sorry for the delay in my next post - it has been a mad week! Anyways I'm finally posting and had to share with you my best bargain buy ever!
I know everyone talks about MAC eyeshadows that's because they are so easy to work with and blend especially because they are highly pigmented.
I wanted to add to some quality eyeshadows to my kit that I know I would use regularly and that suits all skin tones but what I wanted to share is my awesome buy for these.
We all know MAC eyeshadows are retailed at £12.50 but I got each of the shadows above for £5 each! - I couldn't believe it myself. I purchased them from Ebay - the sellers have some amazing buys and products to sell and if you hunt around and quick - (you really need to be quick with your bids), then you can benefit as much as I did.
The only downside with buying such products on ebay -  sometimes you cannot always choose what colours you want - this particular buy sent me these colours at random and I can't complain they are amazing and great colours to work with.
The colours are:
New Era (Bronze)
Chrome Yellow (Gold)
Concrete (Brown)
Maira Mood (Pink)
What are your amazing bargain buys?


  1. I love the pink shade - very unusual and perfect for autumn! Xx

  2. The pink shade is lovely - it really brightens up your eyes.
    Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Great bargains! they're really nice colours too :)


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