Smashbox The Master Class Palette II.

 Just as promised this is another review of a product my friend purchased for me from Sephora and it’s from Smashbox and its their limited edition of The Master Class Palette II.
This palette consists of 40-colors to create endless amount of looks
This set contains:
- 28 Eye Shadows
     Linen, Nectar, Champagne, Vanilla, Golden Orchid, Peacock, Flamingo, Ambient, Chestnut, Mocha, Java, Serpent, Flirt, Mist, Parfait, Opal, Dusk, Rose, Amethyst, Anchor, Haze, Obsidian, Aubergine, Ultramarine, Bliss, Wheat, Sable, Blackout
-  4 x Cream Eyeliner
in Bronze, Midnight Purple, Picasso, Caviar
- 3 x Blush
in Carnation, Flush, Geranium
- 3 x Bronzer
 in Rosy, Suntan, Warm Apricot
-  2 x Soft Lights
in Lens, Shimmer
What is so AMAZING about this product – it has almost everything you need to complete any make up look from a smouldering smokey eye, dramatic fashion editorial to a natural look.
The eye shadows have a beautiful heavy pigment and is very easy to work with and blends very well with other colours. It is vibrant, bright and long-lasting – it still looked as fresh and vibrant as it did when I applied it 12 hours prior! You don’t need much either – it spreads very easily across your eyelids. My best two colours are Ambient and Mocha which can create a lovely natural smoky look. I mainly bought this for the 28 colours and I could use all of these colours on myself and others too! – it will suit all skin tones and really does open up the eyes.
The cream eyeliners are great too – I love the variety of the few colours it has especially the Midnight Purple – however it is my least favourite of the palette – as I found there was not much colour to them and not much staying power, t does not give a well definition line as a normal gel eyeliners would – its more wet in some sense to allow you to smudge and blend which is also good if you wanted to create another texture to the eyes. But if you wanted to create a define line and flick – this would be the only thing I wouldn’t recommend to use to achieve this.
Blushers – The 3 colours provided are lovely – they are rosy and pretty and can definitely create a warm glow to the face, I do feel it will suit those of a lighter skin tone – such as olive skin, I felt it did not show up as much on me. But these will still be beautiful to use on my bookings.
Bronzers – I really love these and love the different tones and found it worked really well with the blushers. Suntan is my fave shade and really compliments lighter skin tones – giving an almost holiday glow to the cheeks. Im just sad that I cannot really use them L but still a great addition to my kit!
The shimmers are definitely my favs along with the eyeshadows – it truly does just that it creates a beautiful shimmer and can be used on the cheeks or the eyes and can be used as a highlight to define the eyes or to create a shimmery glow to your cheekbone.
This exclusive palette also included a Get-The-Look instruction card of two looks for you recreate which is great. It gives you a chance to see how well this products can look and gives you inspiration of the type of looks you can do and experiment of course!
The only thing that would make this palette perfect for me is to add some lip colours to complement the eye shadows, blushers and bronzers. – it is definitely one of my best buys and again its available within Sephora stores and online. Its retail value is $275 and I got it for a fantastic value of $59! which equates to roughly £35-£40, which I think is a great price for Smashbox.
I'm just sad Sephora products are not as easy to get in the UK.
If you have any pointers of how I would love to hear your comments below!
What is your favourite Smashbox product?

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