Cute Buy!

Again this is another post outside of beauty but I wanted to share with you my cutest buy!

I was out and about doing some errands and popped into Primark to have a little look around. And I found this necklace, I don't usually get accessories from Primark - I find they don't last long and are only for a couple of wears so because of this I don't usually.

But I found this cute 2-in-1 gold necklace which provides you with every letter of the alphabet and allows you to choose what ever wording you like on your necklace - I loved this idea and though it was so unique.
For only £2.50! I thought I had to buy this.

So you can decide any words you like and however long too, the 2 layer necklace allows you to define your statement and its very easy to do, you can change the words as often as you like - it would seem like you would be wearing a different necklace every time.

So why not purchase this and wear the words that inspire you and get creative.

Hope you like this as much as I do :)

What are your cutest buys?


  1. Love the unique necklace and you definitely catch the deal especially for the amazing price.
    Great post dear! :)

  2. Hi - thanks for visiting and glad you love the post.


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