My Pet Peeve: Baggy Leggings!

Hi all,
Today’s mini post is I guess you could say is way off topic to what I usually share with you all. But I wanted to tell you my pet peeve and your help if possible?!
I absolutely love leggings and from what you can see above I have loads of them (this is just half of my them :S) – they are one my top essentials and must haves. I wear them with anything from dresses, tunics, shirt dresses and long jumpers. I just find them so comfy and warm to wear and perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.
However, im in need of some new ones now as after many washes, the quality, colour and sometimes the materials tends to give way and they end up going into my staying in/sleep wear pile :)
The problem im having is finding the perfect pair. I have recently bought some from Topshop (which is where I usually buy them from and even ordered some from my trustee Littlewoods catalogue, as lovely as they are – they just don’t feel tight and secure like they used to – not sure if they are made differently  and most of all, which I hate the most is they bag at the knee. I like to have my leggings look like tights almost and have them tight against my skin.
So yes that’s my pet peeve, loose, baggy knee leggings :S  :(  - I know very random.
I would love to hear any of your recommendations! of where I can purchase some really nice leggings that are tight yet long-lasting.
I really need to stock up for the winter months. Any help or advice is welcome ;)
What is your pet peeve?
I would love to hear them :)


  1. I buy the river island high waisted leggings which fit me so well! I agree that baggy leggings are just so annoying and jeans when they go baggy! X

  2. Hi - thanks for visiting.

    thanks for letting me know - i will defo try out river island - ive never thought of there funny enough.

    I totally agree with jeans that is just as annoying too.


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