Nail Art and Dotting Tools.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
This weeks posts is a little different this week, I absolutely love nail art and everyone that knows me knows im always doing something different whether its one single colour or dots, stripes multiple colours - you name it.
But what I wanted to share with you is my latest purchase of the nail dotting tools. They are so handy and lovely to use and you can create all different sizes of dots as well as flicks or lines depending on your design.
These "Cheeky" nail tools come in a set of 5 and will be invaluable to you, and the individual tool is double ended, allowing you to create a perfect application of nail art to your nails. You can easily clean these and reuse them again.
I love the design that comes with them - makes doing nails fun. What's even more great even someone with no experience (I feel im still learning with this) can create brilliant effects. Its all about practice. :)
I got these tools at a brilliant price of £1.20! and purchased these from Amazon they are originally £10.09 so grab them now while its at this price! I hope you will love these tools as much as I do.

If you need any nail art inspiration ideas check out MissJenFabolous Youtube Channel and her blog Polish and Pearls - her nail art is amazing - she has inspired me with most of my designs.

What is your favourite nail art design?

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  1. Miss Jen Fabulous is such an inspiration when it comes to nail art and most of it is so easy to do to but the result is stunning! Xx


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