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Hi all!
I wanted to do a mini post about my most loved products that I used religiously every day. These products are both from Body Shop and are from their Aloe Vera Range.
This is a pre-moisturer and can be used after you tone your face and before you moisturise. You can if you want use this as a cleanser then tone – its totally up to you – but I tend to suffer with the occasional spot and started to have oily skin so I used any oil control I can get! so I use this after I tone – because of its soothing agent ingredients, this serum truly does sooth the face and you can feel the gentle care feeling it brings to your face – it’s very refreshing and light.
On a plus its fragrance, colour and alcohol free.
I have to admit you will be surprised at the size of the bottle of 30ml especially for the cost of £11. But you will be surprised and how little you need and how long it lasts I’ve had mine for nearly a month and still have a lot left.
This is a beautiful light eye cream, which is applied for the delicate skin around the eyes. You can use this morning and night after your facial regime. I only use this at night as I feel it works a lot more on a free face. Those of you who wear make up (such as me!) to apply this in the morning I don’t feel you will the most affect from this as you would at night when your face is born-free to lock in all that moisture from the crème.
I feel this has really worked for my eyes, not only does it rejuvenate and hydrate the area, but I found it has decrease the appearance of dark circles and lines (which I think you can get at any age if you don’t look after your eyes!)
This is definitely the best eye cream I have used in a long time – and I have tried so many!
This is especially perfect for those who have sensitive skin and can also get rid of any eye bags (that might be appearing :S). Just like the serum it does come in a small bottle of 15ml and cost £10. But for the results it’s a small price to pay and it does last – does depend how many times you use this.
I hope you all will try this out and let me know what you think?
What are your most loved facial regime products?

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