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Hi all, hope you having a good Saturday :)
Since I have started this blog I have been sharing and giving you all my personal views on beauty products and products I used from my professional kit - as im such as a beauty/make up craze I thought this week I share with you my personal Make Up Kit and products I personally use.
I know it looks a lot right? I can assure you I don't use every product you see above every day it depends on how I feel on the day I guess and what sort of look I am aiming for or feeling or not to mention depends on time too - if your running late a natural look is all I got time for!
Make Up Bag 
I absolutely love Ted Baker! Especially their accessories. I purchased this wash bag/make up bag over a year ago now and I love it. I loved the girly design it has with the gold glitter bow, I have to admit its one of the most long-lasting make up bags I've had in a while, it cant get dirty because of its material and can easily wipe away - this cost £35 (I know it might seem a lot!) but very worth it. Check them out here 
I used two primers - I know crazy right?!
Both primers are from MUA - which are great value products.

I used the Pro-Base Eye Primer on my eyelids for those days when I wear eyeshadows this eye primer truly does make the eyeshadows vibrant and long-lasting and only cost £2.50!.

The second primer Pro-Matte Complexion Primer I used all the time I use this around my eye area and places where I tend to shine - what's great about this product its matte and has oil control its great for those with oily skin and truly does set your foundation well. This only cost £4! and has lasts me forever.

You can purchase both online or go to your local Superdrug.

Foundation & Concealer

 For my concealer I use Mary Kay - unfortunately you can only get these products from a rep. (Luckily my hairdresser is a rep) But if you do know any, you got to try it, it gives great coverage and its so light in consistency truly does cover those blemishes, odd spots and dark circles - this is definitely my one must haves.

For foundation I used MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - since having oily skin I had to sadly change my foundation and I must admit im so happy I did - I love this product - I use this everyday without fail and really does give you a beautiful flawless finish and is great for oily skin too! I've never had a foundation that truly matches my tone and feels light such as this.
This foundation comes with a sponge but I tend to use a brush to lightly brush across my face.
This cost £21.50 - which I know is expensive but this has lasted me 4 months so far and still have loads left. Depends how much you use - but truly can last you for most of the year.


I have tried so many different powders from loose to pressed. 
I use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

They have this in many different shades to match your own skin tone - which can give you even more of a coverage along with your foundation.

Unfortunately they don't have this in my shade and have shades more for pale to olive skin - so I use transparent which can be used on any skin tone, I love that it prevents shine and applies easily on to the face. For £3.99 its great value.
You can purchase this from your local Boots or Superdrug or anywhere that sells Rimmel.


For my eyes (depending on my mood) I pretty much use all of these.

I use a Black Rimmel Eyeshadow for my eyebrows, I have dark eyebrows and it truly does help define my shape - its so important to have nicely shaped eyebrows it keeps your face clear and really does stand out your make up and defines your face.

Eyeliner - my trademark is my eyeliner - I always wear it, after trying so many I now use a gel liner from L'Oreal. L'oreal Superliner Gel Intenza. It comes in two shades of black - golden black or pure black. As I love creating a dramatic line I use the pure black as it presents intensity to the eyes and can lasts up to 24 hours it only cost £9.99. Great Value.

I also use a pencil eyeliner Rimmel Special Eyes Pencil Eyeliner which cost £2.99 - I use this for my waterline to create intensity and also makes me look awake especially for those early mornings! 

Eyeshadows - I always use MAC and for my day look I always use Gold and sometimes add a brown to add a subtle smokey eye. I mentioned the above eyeshadows in a previous post!

Mascara - I use Rimmel Glam Eyes Day-2-Night, again you can purchase this from your local drugstore and costs £7.99. What I love about this mascara it has two brushes inside one for length and one for volume.

For a day look you can use just the length brush to open your eyes.

For a night look - you can use the volume brush which is a combi with the length brush to create volume and makes your eyelashes stand out from the crowd.


 For blushes - I always use Mac Pro-Longwear Powder Blush and I wear the tone Rose outlook - this cost £20, I love this blush and its has a beautiful rosy tone and it lasts all day - it lasted 12 hours at most for me.:)

The product next to it is a product from NARS and is cream blush & bronzer, I tend to use the darker tone to contour and works wonders with the MAC blush , it complements and I live by these for my natural look.
This cost £30 and was part of a limited edition so not sure if this is sold anymore.
But here is powder alternative which works just as good.


 And last but not least - I always fall back on these lip products, I wear any colour I love red or pink. But those moments when I want something subtle I go back to these two.

MUA Lipsticks - I spoke about these within my first post and have every shade, for only £1, you cant go wrong. This is shade 11 and is a beautiful subtle nude/coral colour, it really does complement a natural look.

Beauty UK - this is called posh pout and is mix of a lip balm and lipstick in one, its a lovely coral/red it looks bright but when applied its so subtle but gives that boots of colours to your lips. This only cost £2.99 and does last a long while too. :)


Well that's the end of showing you all my personal make up. PHEW!!! :)
I know this was a long post - but I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved talking through my personal favs and wears. :)

I would love to hear your comments and your personal favs.

What's in your make up bag?


  1. That's a lot of makeup!! I really want to try more NARS products as their packaging and presentation is so pretty. Also, that lip balm lipstick looks gorgeous! :)

  2. Hi Victoria,

    thanks for visiting! Yes i know (its probably too much!) but i do love make up.

    you definitely should try out the lip balm - its really nice. :)

  3. Great post! The NARS cream bronzer duo sounds so good, something i've needed for ages! x


  4. Thanks for visiting.!

    Yes the NARS cream bronzer is a must have, loving your blog too. x

  5. Love the makeup bag itself :) I need to try out some of the MUA lipsticks everyone loves them

    Roshni’s Journey

    1. Hi - thanks for visiting!

      Yes you definitely need to try the MUA lipsticks - they are lovely!

  6. love the post, the make up bag is gorgeous :)

    xx Vivi

    1. Hi - thanks for reading.

      Thank you! :)

  7. I never understood what people liked about the Ted Baker bag but now I don't know why it's growing on me :)
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

    1. :) you really should try them out and they really do last a long time too !

      thanks for visiting. Xx


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