Fraulgin 3D Radiance Concealer Palette

Happy Friday all! 

I wanted to share with you all one my first purchases of a concealer palette. We all know concealers and foundations can be the most expensive within our personal especially professional kits. Palettes are definitely the way to go - it will give you all shades to adapt to all skin tones and you wont have to worry about wasting any products either and more so its easier to carry around rather than having 10-15 individual products :S

This palette is from Fraulgin and consists of an extensive range of 15 colours ensuring to have the best skin matching - because of its texture and consistancy - it is brilliant for covering all those blemishes, red marks, acne and so forth - this will truly even out your skin tone making you look radiant and fresh-faced.

The green and pale tones are brilliant for red marks and blemishes and totally cancels these out - its great to use as a base for your foundation.

The dark colours are great too - i tend to use these as a bronzer or mostly for contouring those cheekbones or sides of your nose.

I purchased this palette from Amazon  and for an amazing price of £2.99! (excluding P&P) you cant go wrong - if you dont like this product at least you tried it and more so you wont be out of pocket (the amount of money i have spent on products and have not used! :S)

I definitely recommend this palette for all those beginners/starters out there venturing the world of make up and especially if you are on a budget.

I would love any recommendations on some really great palettes if you know any? i am now on the hunt of upgrading and trying some others.
Suggestions are welcome! :)

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