Nail Art #3

 Hello :)
Here is another nail art post! This nail art design is playing with colours, dots and stripes.

All nail polishes I used is from Barry M - which you will be seeing mostly as im in love with this brand now.

I created this simply by painting my nails with a different base coats - in this case I used, black, white and orange, and created dots on all fingers except the middle with the use of my dotting tools and created different sized dots overlapping each other and the same colours on alternate fingers. To finish this off I used my trusty gold glitter to add some sparkle. 

For the middle finger I used the same idea but with stripes and did this by using a thin a nail brush and brushing the different colours over my base coat - overlaying it to create this effect.

Its a simple design - but love it as it looks more complicated then it is!
Hope you liked this weeks design. :)


  1. Hey sweetie, I love your blog

    Hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! I have posted a link to it, would be lovely if you take part :)


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much, thats so sweet - im glad you love it. Makes me want to write more!

    I would love to take part - thanks again!



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