Red on a budget! - Perfect for this season...

Hello all!

I wanted to do a quick mini post on some of top loved red products. 
Ive pretty much spoke about some of these already but when I feel like wearing a boost of red - these are the products I turn to.

1. MUA lipstick Shade 13. 
 There are many different red shades within this range of MUA lipsticks - MUA will always be my top brand especially when im on a budget! but i really love these products - more so for the price £1 ! you do get more than the price. This was my first post - you can see it here

2. Rimmel Apocalips
I love this product - i rarely use as it is one of those products I tend to use for special occasions as the colour is so pigemented and bright - I have gone into my detail on a previous post here

3. Beauty UK Posh Pout.
 This one of my must haves - that is always in my travel make up. It is a mix of a lipstick and lip balm in one - as its keeps your lips moist with a zing of colour - (its more of a orange/red/coral) what more could you want. For £2.99 - it is a great price. I again mentioned this within a previous post of "What's in my Make Up Bag"

4. Collection 2000 Deluxe Shade Prohibition 1
This is one of favourites shades. It really is a beauitful shade and last long on your lips too. Its enriched with shea butter and vitamin E so your lips will never dry out. For only £3.99 this is a real bargain and doesnt break your bank :).

5. MUA Pro Intense Kisses Lipgloss.
This is more of a pinky red - but i love it just the same - its one of my favourite lipglosses - its glossy and shiny and leaves your lips feeling soft too. - If you want to know more here is a previous post

6. MUA Lip Pencil.
This is a brilliant lip pencil to perfectly outline the shape of your lips along - i find  lip pencils also help keep the lipstick in line too as sometimes lipstick can tend to smudge around the outline. - this red pencil complements any shade of red. For only a £1 - you cant go wrong.

and finally.......

7. Beauty UK Red Polish (Red 8)
 i have tried many red polishes from Barry M to Rimmel and L'oreal - they have all been beautiful colours but found they sometimes cracked after a couple of days or you see marks of red everywhere against paper etc - i know weird but it does happen lol.
This beauty UK polish is a lovely shade - you need two coats to really see the colour, its last for at least 7 days and it does dry quick too which is handy.
And this cost £1.99.!

So there you have it - there are some of my top loved red products. Perfect for this Christmas season too!...

Most of these products can be purchased at your local Superdrug or Boots or other beauty stores. So try these out now and let me know what you think.....


  1. Great picks - the Apocalips is just fantastic and gives a great finish! XX

    1. Thanks - the Apocalips really does - i love it!

  2. I love a red lip, some great picks :) xx

  3. I've been scared to try a red lip but I'll have to give it a go after seeing these! xx

  4. You need to try a red lip - its my fave - if you decide to not wear much make up elsewhere - red lip always gives that appearance that you have - really brightnens up the face.

    Let me know what you think x


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