Nail Art #4

Hi all!
 Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I can't believe I have left it this long since my last post :S . I've had a couple weeks from work and been spending time with my family.

As new year is approaching quick and fast! I wanted to share with you all some unique and sparkly nails you could wear for the occasion.

This is again Barry M nail polish but what is so unique about this varnish it has a hidden croc effect. All you do is apply and in 3 minutes watch it do its magic - its amazing.

Here are the steps..
1. Apply a thin layer of any colour nail varnish
2. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the nail varnish to be touch dry  
Remember do not let this first coat dry completely or the effect wont work...
3. Apply one layer of the Barry M Croc effect nail varnish
4. Wait for 3 minutes for the effect to appear
5. When completely dry, apply a topcoat to create a shine and lock in the effect.

Whats great about this nail polish it also dries pretty quickly which is handy - so you could do this at the last minute before you head out :)

You can purchase this online or preferably at Superdrug (as always lol) for £3.99.
They have this avaliable in other effects and colours.

Even if you don't get to try this for your new years party/event you need to try this - people would think you got your nails professionally done.

Hope you have a lovely evening tomorrow and a great New Year's!!!

See you all again in 2014 :)

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  1. The crackle effect looks fabulous, great colour :)
    Have you seen my recent post COAT SEASON at ?
    Let me know what you think doll :)

    Stay beautiful xxx


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