Garnier PureActive

Hi all!

I wanted to do a mini post and share with you about my most loved and relied on products.

Since having oily skin - I've had to change my facial regime completely :(.

I always used Simple products but now changed to this Garnier PureActive - this is specifically for oily skin and its lovely - it truly does tame your skin and reduces shine. 

I don't cleanse anymore - I guess with oily skin you don't really need to, therefore I wash my face with the cleansing gel, tone and moisturize. (shown above).

Again you can buy this from Superdrug or online - prices tend to vary as they are always offers with these products. (Prices vary from £2.14 - £4)

Let me know what you think..

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  1. I really love Garnier pure active. It helps my skin a lot ! xx