MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Hi my lovely readers!
I know I have left it long again! Sorry....!

I wanted to share with you all my favourite product on this planet ( I know a little extreme - but its true!)

My hardest find has always been foundation - I could never find my true shade, or the right texture, or the correct consistency and  more importantly a foundation that feels comfortable and long lasting to the skin. I have tried all forms of liquids, powders and cream foundations from all brands - nothing seems to be a match.

Till I used MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (I know I must sound like I come from a advert :) ) 
This comes in loads of shades so I am sure you will find the right one. I absolutely love it - I actually prefer powders than liquds, its cleaner and easy to work with.
This particualar one gives you great coverage you can also decide how much coverage you want by the amount you apply to the face.

It has a beautiful velvety texture, leaving your face looking and feeling soft and smooth, it maintains a matt finish (so those with oily skin like myself - this is perfect for you). This can be applied with a brush, sponge or powder puff, I personally prefer to use a brush as I find the sponge can absorb alot of the product.

Personal Tip: Make sure to seal this with a fixing powder - this helps set it and longer lasting too. (Keep a watch out for a post on my favourite fixing powder) 
This MAC studio fix powder comes in a beauitful black case with a mirror and hidden compartment with a sponge - so its great for travelling with.

Another plus - it only cost £21.50 which may sounds a lot but this has lasts me for 6 months! so its great value. I use the NC range, I find NW colours are on ebay for some great prices ranging from £10-£18 - which is great. 

You can purchase this in store on online or another site if you google it. - You may find some other great deals.

So give this a try and let me know what you think!

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