Birthday Post! #1 H&M Treats..

New York City T-shirt £7.99
Grey Basic T-shirt £7.99
Long Chain Necklace £6.99
4-pack Bracelets £3.99
Gold Stacked Rings £3.99
Short Necklace £6.99

Today is my birthday!!  shame about the raining weather, as I didn't want this to get me down, I thought a bit of retail therapy always helps! I received a couple of gift vouchers so thought to treat myself :).
This will be my first of a few birthday posts to share with you all my recent purchases and gifts.
My lovely friend Runa gave me some vouchers to H&M (thanks!) H&M is my favourite store right now and love all their ranges from knitwear to their jeggings, most of all I love their great value and the way they fit too!.
I am in the process of trying to increase my casual wear for the weekends, as I tend to wear smart casual for work through Mon-Fri, weekends is for down time and wanted my clothes to reflect this, so I purchased two t-shirts - I absolutely love these and cannot wait to wear them, they will go great with pair of jeans or even a dressy skirt which can be dressed down.
The first is a 'New York City' inspired t-shirt, I thought this was so lovely, I love the floral print with the white lines on the sleeves and the writing on the front and it costs £7.99. For some reason it is only available in store, but they have a range of alternatives here
The second t-shirt is from their 'basics' range and is normal plain grey t-shirt, I think their basics range is great, it is good quality material and are great tops that will match pretty much anything. This also cost £7.99 too.
And as a few extras I got some gold accessories - I am definitely in favour of gold than silver and find jewellery jazzes up any outfit.
I purchased two a short necklace and long chain necklace both costing £6.99. I loved the long chain with the two pendants, thought the words were beautiful and love to wear inspiration. The short chain, is ideal for those days where you don't fancy wearing a long chain and want something simple, but still want that extra sparkle.
This is a 4-pack bracelet at a great value of £3.99 and what's great, there is no fasting you can easily slide this onto your wrist and so comfortable to wear too.
I love stacked rings, it truly makes your hands look pretty even more so if your nails are polished. And I love you can create levels with this jewellery, the value is even more greater for only £3.99 only downside they do tend to go colour and end up turning into a copper colour, but for me this doesn't happen for at least a couple of months and cant complain because of the price.

So that's my few purchases from H&M, my next posts will be showcasing my gifts and to come my recent purchases from John Lewis.
What are your favourite items from H&M? 

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