Birthday Post! #2 Beauty Gifts & Treats...

Another birthday post! I wanted to share with you all my beauty gifts and treats, I received some Superdrug gift vouchers from my beautiful friend Mia (Instagram: london_mummy) and also some beauty gifts which I will share with you.
Superdrug Goodies
I got a mixture of treats as well as essentials that are a 'must have' always need products.

This is a Pantene Deep Repair Masque it helps to protect your hair especially against heat styling and helps to lock in moisture. I often use hair treatments and do this weekly. It says to leave between 2-5mins, personally if you truly want good results I tend to leave for a minimum of 30 minutes - I find it really helps the blow-drying and styling time.
As I used an heat appliance every day this is one of my essentials and 'must have' products I always have. This only cost £4.69 and Superdrug currently have an offer of 2 for £6 which is great value, this also lasts a long time too - one tub can last for up to a month, of course depends on your length of hair.
Nothing beats body sprays/fragrance for that quick refresh and that's Impulse and is available in a various of scents. The two above are my favourites 'sweet smile' and 'vanilla kisses' - they both smell gorgeous and find they do last a while on the skin. I always carry one of these in my handbag.

I love these face masks, these are certainly a treat! These are Superdrug own brand face masks and come in different flavours from summerfruits, apricots and tropical. They also come in different ranges too, some act as a exfoliating mask, peel mask, anti-ageing or just a simple mask to soothe the face. All available ranges/kinds can be found here and what's even more great they cost £1 each!

I love wearing natural make-up and found this ideal palette from the Collection 2000 brand, this is a Nude Eye Palette and has a lovely range of dark browns, creams and beiges it also has a highlight which is perfect for the eyebrow bone. This is such a cute palette and only cost £3.99 its perfect to add to your travel make up bag.

From their MUA range, this is a Bronzed Perfection this is a lovely bronzer which I tend to use for contouring, it has a beautiful subtle tone and giving a natural look to your face,  I love the size of this as it lasts a while too, for only £3 you cannot go wrong.

Again from the MUA range, I absolutely love their lipsticks all £1 each! all their shades are lovely, these are two shades which I have not tried - the lilac shade is a new product as its matte as the others have a natural sheen. Superdrug also has an offer of 3 for 2 - so for £2 you can treat yourself to 3 lipsticks!

This a gift from a lovely friend of mine and is a Ted Baker Beauty Gift Set, I love ted baker especially their accessories! This lovely gift set consists of a body spray, body soufflé, bath foam and body wash, they smell gorgeous and cannot wait to try them out, sadly I don't know where to purchase this from but wanted to share this with you all as its one of my favourite gifts sets yet. This will be perfect for travelling.

So that's it!

That's my beauty gifts and treats - there will be one more birthday post left which will be up soon and will be my purchases from John Lewis -  hope you all found something you like and will try out, I would love to hear your thoughts as well knowing all your birthday treats too!

What's your favourite beauty gift?

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