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This post is a little different from my usual beauty reviews, since this redesign I wanted the chance to branch out and share different topics but still incorporating beauty with my loves.
I absolutely love jewellery especially unique pieces, (I have so much, I forget what I have!) I love how jewellery always finishes an outfit from simple elegant pieces to complete an occasion wear or chunky jewellery which can be worn with your casual jeans and t-shirt. You can show your individuality through jewellery to make a statement and can show your personal style.
I wanted to share this beautiful brand known as Gemporia which I have not heard of till recently, their jewellery truly is one of a kind, it is so unique and exquisite all pieces are made with 100% precious metals and genuine gemstones and what's better they are stylish yet affordable.

Gemporia also have an online collection range each diverse and unique in its own right. My two top favs are Neha and Copa. Both of these collections are a reflection of my own personal style of what I would love to wear.

This beautiful range of jewellery is my 1st preferred of the brand. I have always loved eastern inspired pieces as it is always been a personal favourite of mine due to my cultural heritage.

The traditional rose cut stones and the brightly coloured jewels are certainly eye-catching and together with its richness and warmth of jalpur makes these pieces of jewellery truly exquisite.

This particular collection brings a taste of the exotic, inspired by the bright colours and the unique influence of fruits it makes these pieces truly pop. I love that this collection is fun, playful and above all fashionable, my favs are the rings ranging from apples, oranges and pineapples, they are colourful, sparkly and will a bring a whole statement of their own.

The necklaces are just as beautiful and unique and look so elegant when worn on its own with a simple outfit to truly make this collection stand out.
I will  also be doing a feature post on my favourite piece of this brand within the Neha Collection I mention above, and share with you on how I would style it and make it my own statement with my chosen outfit. Keep a look out for this!

Gemporia jewellery would make a lovely gift for someone, or if you would like to purchase a special piece why not treat yourself.

Hope you will love this brand as much as I do.
Would love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to leave any comments!


  1. These pieces are so pretty and unique! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. They really are.

      Keep a look out for the product review post :)


  2. Very pretty little yummy things - great to give flavour and glitter to any outfit!
    Come and check the current competition and giveaway on my blog - I think you might like them :)

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

  3. I really like the pineapple ring, would be such a cool heirloom piece to pass down through generations too.

    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere


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