KIKO Sparkle Lashes Mascara

Here is another KIKO product I wanted to share with you, I saw this whilst browsing their store, as it was on sale, it was a bargain of £1.99 - it is sadly discontinued but thought this was so unique.

Its a clear gold sparkle glittery mascara, which can be applied on its own or for more of a dramatic effect, I would apply over black mascara, make sure when applying glitterly mascaras such as this to apply over as soon as you have applied our first coat of black mascara, its best to add this while its still wet, it will stick to the eyelashes as well as allowing you to smoothly glide on.

What I love about this mascara, you do not have a separate brush at all, rather than dipping into to apply, all you need to do is twist the bottom and as you can see above, once you see the contents you can apply straight onto your eyes, straight-forward, easy and no mess which is great! 

I was worried when using this, I would have trouble removing this later on, but it was so simple to take off by using a cleansing facial wipe first then washing my face as normal and there was no traces and I didn't lose any of my lashes!

As it is discontinued, ill be only wearing this on special occasion - this is my first time using glittery mascaras, and will definitely be on the look out for more, and ill make sure to review and share with you to allow you to buy and try too.

Can you recommend any glittery mascaras?

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