Manicure Sundays!

I have decided to do a dedicated post once a week on my nail art, I am constantly changing my designs every week and always share them via Instagram and now would love to share with all you.

This week design inspired on a spring theme of flowers and in this instance I have used red and gold as my base, of course you can use any colours you like!

For the polishes I used the following...
Barry M - Metallic Matt Gold
Barry M - Nail Paint (Basecoat & Topcoat)
KIKO Nail Laquer - Red
Barry M - Glitter Gold
 I also used Barry M - White for the flowers, which I forgot to add !

So here are the steps in creating this flower theme design. Lets get started :)

Step 1: Basecoat and Colour
Paint your nails with a basecoat first, this will help strengthen your nails and protect them as well as prevent any staining from the colours you may be using.
Then paint your nails with your main colour, as shown below I painted all my nails with the KIKO red apart from my ring finger which I painted Gold.
Make sure to do two coats to really make the colours bold.

TIP: Make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second coat, as I find you can create bubbles this way and sometimes it appears to never be dry.

Step 2: Create Flowers Petals
For the flowers I used a nail dotting tool which you can purchase from Amazon or eBay for amazing prices from £1.04. I dabbed the nail dotting tool into the white polish and started with a centre dot and then surrounded this with 5-6 dots around joining them as I went along. For my ring finger I used red for my flower petals to match the rest of my nails.

At this point they don't have to appear perfect as what's great I find the top coat evens this out. :)
You can go over this a second time to make the white appear my bold due to the under colour coming through. You can put as many flowers as you like, in this case I did as many my nails could fit. My thumb I did 4, my little finger I did 2 and the rest I managed to fit three.

Step 2: Centre of the flower (Stamen)

This is the easiest part of the design, using my gold glitter polish and white for my fourth finger, using my smaller dotting tool I placed a dot in the middle of each flower which helps complete the design.

Make sure to allow this to dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Apply Topcoat to finish!

And that's my completed design, its pretty basic but looks so pretty, this will be my first of many, if you have any requests please feel free to leave a comment and ill put this in for my forthcoming nail post.

Would love to see you recreation if you decide to try this one out.

Hope you enjoy.x


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