Manicure Sundays!

Here is another mani for the week! Still keeping in line with the spring/summer theme, I decide to do another bright colour this week and opted for Blue, I dont usaully wear this colour but its so vibrant and eye-appealing, I'm surprised how much I like it.

For this design, I decided to again do another gold finger which I love and is a design based on lines and dots, you can use any colours you like based on this design, be creative!

For the polishes I used the following...
Barry M Matte Gold
Barry M Matte Silver
Barry M Glitter Gold
KIKO Bright Blue
Barry M White
Barry M Nail Paint (Basecoat & Topcoat)

Plus I use two additional tools - Gemstones and a Dotting Tool

These are so easy to purchase and more so affordable. You can buy a set of 4-5 dotting tools with different sizes to allow you to create different designs. These gemstones were bought from amazon offering a small compact of different sizes and shapes from simple circles, to flowers and hearts. Both tools range from £1.04 - £2.50 which is brilliant value and are both from Cheeky which is a lovely brand offering a number of nail tools.

Lets get started!.....

1. Basecoat & Base Colour

Similar to last weeks, you will need to apply your clear basecoat which preps and protects the nail, then using KIKO Blue and Barry M Matte Gold, paint your nails with two coats, when applying the first coat make sure it is fully dry before applying the second, this can prevent bubbles and allow the colour to set and dry properly.

As each nail has a different design, I somehow started with the middle finger, you can do this in any order you like of what is best for you, but I always like to start from the middle as it frames your nail art , and usually I do these designs as I go along rather than pre-plan.

2. Middle Finger

For this finger, using Barry M white I simply used a thin brush and applied lines in a diagonal slant across the nail. You can add as much lines as you like. Allow to dry.

Next step using Barry Glitter gold I applied lines next to each of the white lines to create a spiral effect.

I ended applying four lines of each colour, it does not need to be perfect at this point, as it can be tricky keeping a steady hand especially when doing the other hand!. The topcoat when applied at the end will clean it up and iron out any mistakes you make.

3. Thumb
For the thumb, I created two sharp lines, in order to do this - I used nail tape, (this tape can be used as part of the design, when applied you apply a topcoat on top to keep it secure). First you need to position the tape of where you like the design to be, keeping to the diagonal slant I stuck three lines of tape across the nail and make sure it was stuck firmly.

Next step - between the tapes, I applied the Barry M Matte Silver and Gold making sure to not come out of the tape lines.

Again this can look really rough to start with and don't worry if gets on the skin of your finger, you can always clean this up later. It is important that this is left to fully dry before removing the tape.

When fully dry, carefully peel of the tape making sure to do this slowly, I find its easier to use a tweezer to grab and pull.

You can see the affect when the tape is removed and it should create a straight line, if the line is not fully straight you can easily disguise this by applying a glitter line, it also adds a little sparkle too!

4. Index Finger

For this finger, I would say is the easiest to do - its a simple case of applying dots up the centre of the nail using a dotting tool, for this I used Barry M Glitter Gold polish. Make sure to fully dry and this can easily smudge when applying the topcoat.

5. Little Finger
For this finger this is where I applied the gemstones, I applied 3 small circles along the centre of the nail, I started by applying my topcoat, as this allows the gemstones to stick, then carefully apply each one while the topcoat is still wet and position where necessary and stick firmly down. Once dry, I apply another topcoat just where the gemstones are to make sure they are on firmly.

6. Ring Finger

I simply applied vertical lines with the Barry M Gold Glitter across the nail, to add a subtle sparkle and still fitting with the rest of the design


7. Apply Topcoat to finish!

.....and thats it! - I know this was weeks design there are alot of steps, but you can adapt to this, or you may choose to only do one or two fingers and leave the other plain, its totally up to you on how you would like to recreate this.

I hope you like this weeks design and would love to see your recreations or variations to this.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts, please feel free to leave your comments below.


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    1. Thanks so much! Glad you like it :)

  2. This is just absolutely stunning, I love the blue and silver together x


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