Manicure Sundays!

Hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend! Yep its Manicure Sunday and this week I guess is a simpler design - as you can see I have incorporated flowers again based on another design which you can see here but only on two fingers and dots on the others.
Lets begin..
I used the following polishes..
Barry M Matt Gold
Barry M White
KIKO Nail Laquer Nude
Barry M Gold Glitter
Barry M Basecoat & Topcoat

I also used a dotting tool for the dots which you can purchase absolutely anywhere best place is Amazon.
1. Make sure to paint your nails with a basecoat to protect and help strengthen your nails
2. Base colour
Paint your nails with your base colour, in this instance is the KIKO Nude - make sure to paint two coats so you can have an enhance colour. In terms of your edges I tend to clean this up after I have finished the entire design.
Allow them to dry. Tip: You can test if they are dry by patting your nails together, if they stick it indicates they are still a little wet. I find this is useful as if you use your fingers you could chance fingerprints!

3. Flowers
Dab your dotting tool into your nail polish and apply a dot onto your nail - then surround this one dot with other dots till you reached back to the beginning - creating a flower shape - it does not need to be perfect at this point just as long it has a similar shape to above.

 Allow the base flower design to dry.

4. Gold Dots
With the other side of the dotting tool, using the gold matt polish, I carefully applied dots around the edges of my nail creating a border.

5. Centre of Flower
Once the flowers are dry, it time to add the centre, this was simply done by adding a dot to the centre of the flower shape with the gold glitter to give it an extra sparkle!
Allow to dry.

 6. Apply topcoat and finish!

Another great tip - I find the hardest thing to do sometimes is cleaning up the edges, to really help define and clean up your design, I find when having a hot shower/bath, it softens the edges and allows you to gently peel away.
Hope you like this design and would love to see yours! 

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