Manicure Sunday! #6

This weeks Manicure Sunday is an inspired sparkly design with gemstones which I hope you like :) I used two based colours and black, glitter and gemstones for the initial design 

Lets get started..
I used the following polishes...
Base Colour
Barry M Lilac
 Design Colours
Barry M Nail Paint
Barry M Silver Glitter
Barry M Black
1. Base Colour: I painted my base colour with two coats, I painted four fingers with lilac and my index colour with nude - you can choose what finger you decide to have the different colour, you can even have the choice of having more than one!
Make sure it is fully dry before moving on.

2. Black Stripes: For three of my fingers, using a stripe brush, (which can purchased from places such as eBay and Amazon for only £1-£3.99) using the black polishes, I painted random lines across the nail - at this point it does not need to be perfect, less perfect the better as you want them to appear as quick swifts.

3. Nude Stripes and Glitter: When the black stripes are dry, I went over a couple of lines with the KIKO nude polish which brightens up the design (it also allows you to cover up any errors you may have made with your black. For the two fingers I did not apply any stripes, I applied one coat of Barry M Glitter, I wanted these two plain but still with the a touch of sparkle
Make sure this is fully dry.

4. Glitter and Gemstones: For the other three, I carefully applied the glitter over the top of the stripes, I did not do the full nail - before this dried completely, I applied 4 gemstones, a range of different tones of pink and purples to compliment the design and carefully applied this on the based on the stripes, somewhat creating half a circle shape.
It is important that the glitter is semi-dry when applying the gemstones, you want to allow them to stick without sliding - it is also handy to use pair of tweezers to avoid any finger marks or dents!
It is vitally important to more so leave the gemstone fingers to dry properly, as they need time to fix dry before applying the top coat.

5. Apply Top Coat and clean edges: I then applied the top coat to finish off the design, and really makes the glitter and gemstones sparkle. Once fully dry, make sure to clean up your edges too!

Hope you liked this weeks design and maybe try it yourself.


  1. These are gorgeous! Wish I had the patience to try and do something this creative with my nails!


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