Manicure Sundays! #4

Another Manicure Sunday! This week's is a inspired leopard and lines design, with the base of pink and gold.

I used the following polishes..
Barry M Gold Glitter
NYC Expert Polish Black
MUA Cherry Blossom
Barry M Nail Paint (Base and Topcoat)

 Lets gets started.

1. Make sure to paint your nails with a clear basecoat, to give a base to the nail and protect against stains from the nail colour.

2. Paint your base colour
I painted four nails with MUA cherry blossom and painted my fourth finger with the Barry M Gold Glitter. I did 2 coats, make sure it is completely dry. 

3. Leopard Prints and Lines
To start of the leopard print - using the dotting tool, I applied gold dots except for one finger which will be for the lines while that's drying with a black polish I applied random lines using a thin brush on my index finger and left all to dry.

Using the black polish again and the dotting tool, I went around on each of the black dots not making a full circle but a 'C' shape around each dot to create this leopard design. I then also added extra black dots/small lines around it.

Adapting the same design, I did the same for the gold finger using pink dots and black polish in addition I also applied gold lines on top of the black lines already on my finger to give that extra sparkle.

4. Apply your topcoat!
When dry you can clean up the edges and that's it - hope you like this week's design.

Would love to see yours and hear your thoughts :)

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