Manicure Sundays! #5

Here is another Manicure Sunday Post! Apologies for not posting in the last week, work has taken over but here is a nail art design I hope you all like, its an inspired Cupcake and Sprinkles design!.
I used the following polishes - which is the most I have definitely used for any design I have done so far..

These colours were used for my main colours as well as the base for the cupcake and sprinkles.
Lets gets started..
1. Paint your basecoat: I chose KIKO coral/red, which is a lovely shade, so bright and vibrant, here as always apply two coats to really benefit from the colour.

2. Base of Cupcake: Here with the KIKO grey, I painted two of my fingers with a French tip, at this point it does not need to be straight as it will be covered with the frosting! Make sure to do two coats of this also, if you feel there is enough coverage with one coat that's fine too.

Then you will need to create the lines which will create the divides you will see between the case. I used a orange MUA polish for this and used a thin nail striper brush to create - again this does not need to perfect either.

3. Frosting: First using your dotting tool, you will need to do row of dots closely together just above the line your created to more so cover any blips or mistakes to cover.

Next step, place another row of dots just above the first keeping all close together then place a dot of the top of the frosting of where you would like to end, this is important as it give you a guide of the shape and direction of your frosting.

Then you fill in the rest of the frosting , making sure to cover all areas and keeping the dots close together, you may need to go over some of the dots to make sure you do not see any of the red anywhere.

5. Sprinkles and Topping: Once fully dry and using a smaller dotting tool I then randomly placed small dots on top of the white to create a sprinkle design. You can apply as much or little as you like.

On the other fingers I have also added random dots to fit in with the rest of the theme, for this I used a glittery white and gold and a matt grey.

The final touch is the cherry - in this case grey cherry! As my background was red, I needed to use another colour that would stand out and thought to use the same colour as I used for the base.

 6. Topcoat: Make sure it is fully dry before you apply the topcoat as the colours could smudge.
And that's it!

Hope you like this weeks design and hopefully you will try this out :) Would love to hear your thoughts and also see your own designs.
What colour cupcake will you create?


  1. So cute! Every step, I'm just like, "hey that's pretty on its own!"

    Great job :)

    xo Jules


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