Manicure Sundays! #7

Hope you are all enjoying this weekends UK sunny weather!

This weeks design may look the most complex, but is definitely by far the easiest to do, because whats so great about this design it does not need to be perfect, no one would know even if you did make a mistake. (which I love!)
1. Base Colour: I first painted my base colour, you can choose to do one or two coats, totally up to you on how bold want this to be. (clean edges once fully dry)

2. Sponge Marble Effect: Using a make up sponge or any type of sponge, make sure its small and a square/rectangle base. Using three nail polishes (make sure one of the colours is your original base coat carefully paint same size stripes across the sponge and make sure to dab the access. You can use any and any amount of colours you like.

Dab across the nail, you can be as carefree as you like and make sure you get to see a mixture of all the colours - it you may go over your edges alot, but thats ok - this part can tend to be messy.

3. Touch of Sparkle: Once dry, i added some silver glitter on top and a gemstone on the centre of every nail.

4. Topcoat: Apply a topcoat to lock in the design as well as giving an extra sheen!

Hope you liked my version of a marble effect, would love to see your creations too!

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