Manicure Sundays! #8

Here is another Manicure Sunday!
I absolutely love this design - it is definitely one of my top favourites.
You can use any colour you like and glitter, this design will look great in anything you choose.
Lets start...
You will need:
  • Basecoat and Topcoat Polish
  • Chosen Colour Polish
  • Thin Tape
  • Nail Polish Glitter
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors

1. Apply Basecoat
2. Apply the layout of your nails - Tape.
Stick the tape on your nails of where you would like the pattern to be, in this case I did a cross over just above the base of my nail as I wanted to show a part of clear nail underneath.
3. Apply your Colour
When stuck down firmly, apply the polish on over the tape but not pass the base of the your nails as it would not create the pattern you desire - if you wish you could paint your entire nail using the same principal - Make sure to apply two coats for even coverage, don't worry if you go over the edges or messy at this point
4. Remove Tape
For this you need to make sure the nail polish is fully dry as you could chance lifting the rest of the nail polish on the rest of your nail. So to not spoil the rest of your nails, its always handy to use a tweezers for this part - as it will allow you control when peeling away.

5. Gold Glitter
If you want you can leave this option if you wish - but to add a extra sparkle, I applied gold glitter between the empty space of the pattern - makes it a lot easier to follow too! Also
another tip, if peeling the tape was not successful - this method always helps and covers those flaws ! :)

6. Topcoat
Make sure its fully dry and apply your topcoat and then your done.!!

Hope you liked this week nail art and hope you get to try it out, if so I would love to see your designs :)
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  1. these look amazing! thanks for the tutorial. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Im glad you like them and thanks for the comment!

      I commented back on your post which was lovely - i love MAC lipsticks, i also gave you a follow on bloglovin too!

      Be great if you could follow back.


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