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This post is based on this beauitful brand Gemporia I have reviewed some exquisite Jewellery based on some of their collections which you can view here as well as followed up with an outfit post

I am so pleased that I have another chance to feature this brand again and to share with you my review on their exqusite range of Sapphire Rings

A Sapphire ring is a true beauty classic, and a stunning piece for any lovely lady to wear. One of the most famous sapphire rings in history is of course the sapphire and diamond ring currently worn by the beautiful Duchness of Cambridge, this particualar ring is one-of-a-kind with a classic design.

Gemporia offers a number of Sapphire Rings in a range of colours from bright pink to fiery orange and of course the classic blue, one colour that is does not appear is red. Sapphire rings are known for their vibrancy, elegance and intense colour and is one of the most popular engagement stones.

From contemporary to cluster styles and their beautiful array of sapphire and diamonds rings, Gemporia has it all and sure you will find something perfect for you!  To also mention Sapphire is the covetable September birthstones, with this month round the corner this would make a perfect meaningful gift for someone special :)

With their vast range I wanted to share with you my Top Ten personal favourites! (Have to admit, this was so hard to choose as honestly I love them all! I think any girl would love to own at least one if we could.)

This is a Orange Sapphire with Yellow and Green sapphire in sterling silver 2.09cts. This ring is from their Annabella Collection and is absolutely exquisite. This is one of their low end priced rings valued at £40. 

This beautiful ring has a blue stone with Marcasite in Sterling Silver, I loved the detailing in the band of the ring, as three rows as pulled from the main feature and just love the overall classic design. This is valued at £44.

This is another beauty classic from the Annabella Collection, I am in love with the simplicity of the design and the simple diamonds that are embedded within the band. This is slighty higher value of £68 but totally worth it - can be given as a special gift to your most loved one.

Another blue classic, as you can see the blue stone is my top favourite! Also in sterling silver, what is so unique and stunning about this ring rather than one large stone, this shows 4 smaller stones in a lovely droplet design which shows elegance, this is valued at £45

This is a truly different design, I loved the bright colours infuse within this design, it is an adorable ring with amazing multi-colour sapphire , ruby and emerald. This is one of their high end valued rings at £252.

This is one of a kind rings, with yellow sapphires from India, I love the diamond/diagonal shape within the sterling silver set. Surprisingly this is valued at £40 so a lovely price to go with a lovely ring.

This will have to be my top favourite in terms of design and colour, its is from their Annabella Collection and features a marvelous Songea Green, Orange, Yellow Sapphire and White Zircon, within an unique design which complements all stones. What surprised is the price, this is also another low end valued at £40!

Out of all my top ten favs, this is certaintly No.1 for me! I absolutely love the heart detailed design filled with blue sapphires and stunning white diamonds, this is truly a special gift that special love in your love, this is also one of their high-end priced valued at £274. Ahhhhh to have this on my finger

- a girl can dream! :)

This is a gorgeous ring from one of their collections 'Jewel of Valais' I absolutely love the entricate design and the overlapping of the stones, I love the droplets design along with the detailed design on the band mixed with other stones. This is valued at £45

This is delightful and different from the rest of the rings I have chosen as my top favourites, this is also from the Annabella Collection and is Songea Green Sapphire encrusted with silver stones and in a sterling silver setting. Valued at £80.

So theres my top 10 favourites! and there is many to choose from, each ring avaliable from their Sapphire Rings range offers different styles, cuts, colours and designs all to fit your unique style and individuality not to mention the price points too! I am sure there is a gorgeous ring here that will suit you perfectly. 

Hope you love these rings as much as I do and visit the site and have the chance to own one yourself!!
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, please free to below :)


  1. All of them are so unique! Especially the blue in your first photo! Lovely manicure too! Which shade is it? :D


    1. I know all of the jewellery is so beautiful, the first image was actually given to me from the company to use for this post, but the shade is a nude which is natural colour which complements any skin tone, it so lovely for a fresh clean look it also lets the appearance of your nails look longer than they are too! x


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