Manicure Sundays! #10

Another Manicure Sunday Post!
This weeks design is an purple and flower inspired design using nail tape and dotting tools.
You will need a three colours and your chosen glitter, a base colour, flower base and line colour.
1. Apply Basecoat and Nail Tape - Apply the nail tape wherever you like, in this case I did a cross shape and layered it with another tape on top.
2. Base Colour - I applied my base colour, in this case I chose a light purple by Barry M and applied two coats. Make sure it is fully dry before moving onto the next step.

3. Remove Nail Tape - When fully dry, remove each piece of tape carefully, its always handy to use tweezers for this to avoid any scratches or marks on your base colour. If you wanted to, you could always leave this as it is and apply a topcoat and can be your finish design. :)
4. Flowers - Using a dotting tool, I applied flower shape on each nail, I applied them on the final join of each nail, I did this by applying a centre dot and applying 4/4 dots around it, joining them as I go along.
5. Finish off Design - I finished off the design by applying a gold and pink lines on the empty lines to fill in the spaces, I also applied additional flowers on the top of the nail followed by dots to finish it off.
6. Apply Topcoat and leave to dry - Then your done!!

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