August Beauty Favourites!

Here are some of my top favourite products this month and thought ill share these with you ranging from, skincare, hair and beauty products. 

Pantene Deep Conditioner
As I tend to use an heat appliance every day, I find its so important to treat my hair to make sure my locks and especially my ends stay healthy.  

This lovely deep intense conditioner which I use after a normal shampoo and conditioner, I apply this through my hair focusing more on the ends, it helps to revalitise and boost/prevents any splits ends which is great, it says to leave for 2mins which I dont think your hair will much benefit so I tend to leave in for a hour, and tend to relax or get on with other things around the house while its doing its job! 

Then all theres left is to rinse and style :) Its currently £5.99 but got this for half price which was great. This is also sold at Superdrug, but can be found in boots as well as your local supermarket or other beauty stores.

Strawberry Body Butter

This strawberry body butter  is from the 'I Love' range which is only sold in Superdrugs, I love this product, it truly nourishes your skin leaving it feeling silky and soft, I know I sound like an advert, but it really does. Most of all I love the fragrance it smells gorgeous, with its burst of strawberries and yummy cream you will feel and smell divine. 

Whats even more great, you can apply onto the skin straight after shaving and it does not result in any bumps or stinging sensation which is a plus.

Costing £2.99 for a 200ml tub is even more of a reason you need to try.

Yogurt Smoothie Face Mask
This is another product I have also mentioned within another post, but I love these! Treat yourself to a delicious pamper with these masks, own Superdrug brand, they have many different kinds available from cucumber, tropical, superfruits and even white chocolate, they have a range of lovely fragrances, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth. My fave is the yogurt smoothie masks, it smells divine, with its blend of cocoa butter, vanilla and honey it feels so cool when applying. 

Make sure to apply an even coverage over the face and leave for 5-7mins and then rinse, its as simple as that. Make sure to try these and have a go at all the available ranges to see what your favourite is :)

Make up
L'Oreal True Match Concealer 
I have mentioned this in a previous post, but it is still my favourite and go to product which I can leave without and its my lovely concealer from L'oreal - True Match, I use Shade 5 - Sable Sand. The coverage is lovely and I love the consistency of the concealer it is not too runny or too thick and is so easy to apply. It can tend to give a shine, but any matt powder to fix this into place always helps.

The only disadvantage is it needs to come in a  bigger tube! costing £6.99, you cannot go wrong. It truly does match your skin and there are many shades to choose from to make sure it suits your skin tone, with concealer it always helps to perhaps go one shade lighter, as your foundation can always be used on top for that extra coverage and to suit your skin tone.


The perfect handbag accessory that can be spritzed all day long! Simply spray when you need to smell that little bit lovelier. With fresh blackcurrant, pineapple & citron before revealing layers of sweet vanilla, musk and wood - this is my go to spray to help freshen up for the day. This is also sold in Superdrug and is originally £1.99 but of course Superdrug have the fabulous price sale and got this for 98p!

MUA Nail Polishes
I love these nail polishes, if there was ever a time, you were short on your budget, these are your go to polishes, costing only £1! Yes £1! MUA has a lovely range of bright beautiful colours, from red, pinks, greens, blues and blacks. 

You will find your perfect colour to suit your mood. You will need two coats sometimes three depending on the intensity of the colour and it can last a week, if a topcoat is applied to protect the colour and to give a even shine.

Hope you like my August Beauty Favourites! My Fashion Favourites will be following soon...
I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to leave below - would love to hear them!


  1. I LOVE the deep conditioner! AVON do one just as great too!! & MUA nail varnishes are gorgeous :) x

    1. Really? I would love to try it - could you give the name and product code, I try it out :)

      Thanks for your comment.


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