GOSH Cosmetics - New Collection!

Following from the GOSH Cosmetics Event, I was lucky to receive a lovely complimentary box with some of their new products within their new 2014 collection. Their new collections is lovely and vibrant and first and foremost affordable too.
9 Shades (Price: £9.99)

This is a lovely eye palette, consisting of 9 beautiful stunning shades each one vibrant and colourful to allow you to create endless cool looks. From fun aqua LA eyes to chic New York and Beach Sunset, the 9 shades compacts are easy to blend for on-trends gorgeous eyes.
Double Precision Mascara (Price: £7.99)

This is a two brush wonder tool for luscious, long lashes, what is great about this mascara, it consist of two brushes. The larger brush add extreme volume to upper lashes while the smaller brush allows for individual definition on the lower lashes. With two easy and perfectly controlled sweeps, you can create bold defined eyes which can easily make you stand out from the crowd.

Defining Brow Gel (Price: £4.99)

Create on-trend statement brows with this lovely brow gel, in one easy fuss-free step, you can lift and define brows while adding the perfect colour tint, not only does it hold brows in place, it creates a strong sleek look. This comes in three different shades Brown, Brown/Grey and Black to suit all tones.

Nail Laquer (Price: £3.99)

Their new nail range consists of 5 shades of glossy grey and white sparkle in a new glittery texture that almost holographic, so why not try this seasons grey and white trend of intensely glowing flawless nails.

Giant Blush (Price: £6.99)

Last and not least and my favourite product out of this collection is the Giant Blush, this is the go to product to create colour kissed cheeks. This supersize cream blush adds a soft subtle touch colour that's easy to blend and has a beautiful silky texture. With its handy stick it allows for direct application for a natural glowing look and long lasting colour. This blush is available in three shades (02 Shy, 04 Passion and 06 Pink Parfait) to suit any skin tone.
All products are available in stores in Superdrug, hope you get to try these out and let me know what you think, feel free to leave your comments below :)


  1. I love the Gosh Glamorous Eye Shadow Grey Brown #14 but i cant find it anywhere anymore. Any ideas where i can buy it?

  2. Hi,
    I have had a little search around and its strange i cant seem to find that either, not glamourous eyeshadows can only find Forever eye shadow and Mono Eye shadow - have a check through their site, you may be able to find an alternative.

    As they have just launched their AW14 collection!


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