Manicure #12

Hi! I realised I did not post up my Manicure Sunday last week, apologies!
This is a white and gold manicure using nail tape and glitter, as always you will need your main colours, nail tape, scissors and tweezers to pull off the tape.
1. Apply nail tape of where you want the design to be and end.
2. Apply the base colour to your nails in this case I did 4 fingers white and my 4th gold, make sure to apply two coats

3. Remove tape: Make sure this is fully dry before removing
4. I applied gold glitter around the base of the lines of the design, again you can follow here or create your own lines to your style!

5. Apply topcoat and finish.

Thought to keep this weeks short and simple as I use the same process through all my manicures.
Hope you like this weeks design :)


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