Manicure #13

This week's design is basic pink and gold design.
You will need your chosen polish, glitter, gemstones and nail tape.
1. Apply nail tape: I applied nail tape on each nail in different direction to create different shapes
2. Paint your chosen nail colour: Paint your nails with your chosen colour, in this case I chose Fuchsia Pink by Barry M and painted over the nail tape, make sure to do two coats to get a full coat of colour.
3. Remove Nail Tape: When fully dry, using tweezers carefully remove each tape.

4. Glitter: You can either leave as it is and paint a topcoat or fill the spaces with gold glitter as I did to give that extra bit of sparkle :)
5. Gemstone: To the fourth finger, I added a simple gemstone by using tweezers and using a little topcoat to stick to the polish.
6.. Apply Topcoat: Once the glitter and gemstone is dry, apply your topcoat and wait to fully dry.
...and that's it. Hope you like this weeks design. :)

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