Manicure #15

I absolutely love this design, its bright, vibrant and playful and really easy to do, I think with most nail art the longest part is drying :)

You will need a main colour, nail tape, dotting tool, colours for your dots and lines, you can use any colours you like to create this design, for this nail art I used:

  • MUA Pink
  • NYC Silver
  • Barry M White
  • Barry M Gold Glitter
  • Barry M Light Pink
  • Barry M Topcoat
1. Nail Tape & Colour: I applied the nail tape as cross shape at the base of nail, making sure some of my nail was exposed. I then applied my pink polish making sure to not go over the lines of the tape, make sure to do two coats to get the full essence of the colour.
2. Remove Nail Tape: When fully dry, make sure it is solid dry as it could ruin the lines, gently remove the nail tape as I have previously done within all my designs - I used tweezers for this.

3. Silver Line: Using my silver polish, filling in those empty lines I carefully applied a line across each nail then allow to dry.

4. Dots: Using my dotting tool, I applied dots randomly over each nail using different sizes to give a nice effect, I also used white, light pink and gold glitter to finish the look.
5. Topcoat: When fully dry, apply your topcoat to create a shiny finish!

Hope you liked this week's design, would love to see your recreations, please leave your comments below too! I love to hear your thoughts :)

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