Manicure #16

Here is another design, apologies for the blurry pic but here is a red glitter design.

1. Apply nail tape: I applied nail tape across the base of my nail and applied red polish, make sure to not go over the lines and apply two coats
2. Remove nail tape: When fully dry, remove the nail tape carefully.
3. Apply Dots: On the base of the line where the polish ends, using a dotting tool, I applied dots across the line with silver polish
4. Apply Glitter: When the dots are dry, I applied silver glitter polish across the whole nail to give it that extra sparkle.
5. Apply Topcoat and finish!

Hope you liked this design, would love to see your recreation, if there are any suggestions of designs you would like to see, pop me a comment and I can do this for my next design :)

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