Manicure #17

This is another favourite nail art of mine, Coral and Leopard Print.
You will need a base colour, white and black for the leopard prints and gold to for that extra sparkle.
1. Apply nail art and base colour: I applied nail tape across the each of nail and my fourth finger I added a extra cross tape across the middle of the nail.

2. Remove Tape: Once fully dry, carefully remove the nail tape. I also applied a gold cross on the fourth finger filing in the gaps.

3. Dots: To start the leopard print apply white dots using a dotting tool across each nail

4. Leopard Print: Using a smaller dotting tool, using black polish, I carefully went around each white dot create a 'C' shape to create the leopard print, also apply single 'C' shapes around the dots to fill in the other spaces.

5. Gold Line: At the base of each nail, I applied a glitter gold line to finish the design, allows gives extra definition.

6. Topcoat: When fully dry, apply a topcoat to help lock the design and create a shiny finish!

Hope you liked this weeks design :)

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  1. I love leopard print nails! I always used to do them a few years ago.

    Jenny -


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