MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss

Wanted to share a quick product from MUA Lip range: Sheer Finish Lip-gloss

It is a moisturing sheer lip-gloss and has eight available shades for you to choose from. These beautiful lip-glosses will add a touch of sheer colour to your lips or can add an irresistible shine to your lipstick colour. I regularly use this on top of my lipstick for that extra shine to my existing colour, its also great to use as a top up, when your lipstick starts to fade.

With its squeezable tube applicator, it is so easy and smooth to apply and has a gorgeous scent too!

As we all know how great value MUA product range is, these lip-glosses cost a £1 (yep, really!) I still can't believe how great value these products are and getting more quality than you would think :)

These are available within Superdrug, and why not purchase all 8 shades, I know ill be!


  1. I never think to look at these but they sound lovely!


    1. Ye they really are - let me know what you think of them x

  2. I have loads of these!! I find them quite sticky tho, but doesn't stop me using them lol
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. lol
      Ye they are sticky - i think thats what i love about them lol.

  3. Replies
    1. aww thanks hun, that means alot.

      Be great if you could send your blog across - would love to have a look x

  4. Looks great!


    1. Aww thanks :)

      So does yours, I also had a visit and added a comment.

      Thanks for visiting x


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