Nude by Rihanna

All those that have been reading my past blog posts - you will all know how much im in love with perfumes especially Celebrity perfumes. 

Here is another favourite: Rihanna Nude

Nude by Rihanna is absolutely gorgeous and captures a stripped down essence. This fragrance is alot different from her previous Reb'l Fleur and Rebelle and her most recent Rogue. I go through this so quickly, you can see I am already half through this bottle!

The center of the fragrance opens into a sultry softness with a blend of Orange Blossom, Gardenia Petals and Velvet Jasmine Sambac. It also has additional notes such as Vanilla Orchid, Sandalwood and second-skin musk which evokes the scent immediately and makes your skin smell beautiful. 

Of course any scent that has vanilla and sandalwood im sold as they are two of my favourite notes to have in a perfume, I find these particular notes last longer on the skin too.

This perfume comes in a 3 sizes - 30ml , 50ml and 100ml.

Superdrug are currently doing an amazing offer of £15 for the 50ml make sure to grab before they go!

As I love Celebs perfumes so much here are some of my past posts on a few personal favs:

Hope you love this as much as I do...


  1. I'm not a fan of Rihanna: Rogue, so hopefully this will be better. I'll be sure to have a whiff of this the next time I'm out and about. I do love all of the Britney Spears Fantasy perfumes. I love her Curious one too :) Have you ever tried Curious?

    1. I agree with Rihanna Rogue, its one of those scents that you either love or hate, its ok once its settled into the skin.

      I have never tried Britney Curious only both of her fantasy perfumes, i will definitely try those too!



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