*Superdrug Goodie Bag!

I wanted to share with you what I received within my goodie bag from the AW14 press show event at Superdrug. I have not had the chance to try everything as yet, but hoping to do some detailed future posts soon on some of these amazing products!

This is a nude nail polish collection from Studio London containing some luscious colours of Nude, Latte and Mauve. I have done a manicure based on of these colours - post will be up soon! What I love the most about these it is fast-drying and so easy to apply.

This is a hair product from Hair Rehab London by reality star Lauren Pope - Messy Clip on Bun - I am looking forward to trying this out, hope ill be able to work it out!

It was not all beauty at the press event, there was some healthcare showcases too, and was so thrilled to have some within the bag, above is some great tablets to help your skin, hair and nails as well some juicy health bars and detox smoothie, these will be great for your healthy start - looking forward to trying these.

Looking very much to trying these, on the left is volume powder, to help boost your hair roots and give you that well deserved volume to any style and on the right is hair chalk, which is available in a couple of colours, it is a simple case of spraying to the hair, and when you brush out it simply removes the colour which is marvellous.!

Here is another new product and is a strawberry and raspberry shower foam, it smells gorgeous and feels so soft to the skin.

A fabulous highlighter from Revolution Make up, this can be applied to the eyebrow bone or your cheeks for that extra definition, looking forward to trying to this too.

I am so excited for AW14 range of 'B' they have some amazing products coming out and cannot wait to try the above, which is a defining mascara and contour kit. I usually use a bronzer to contour but absolutely looking forward to trying this.

I have such a huge crush on GOSH cosmetics and love all their products, having been to the GOSH cosmetic event, and receiving some of their new collection which you can read here I was excited to try out their lip products, I love bright colours it really does finish off your look and make a simple look bold, the colours are above are a luscious red and gorgeous berry tone which I love!

So that's it! That was a sneak peek in my wonderful goodie bag, which I cannot wait to experiment. All these products are part of the AW14 range from Superdrug and will be available from end of September, so get into those stores and try them too!


  1. The Gosh Lip products look great, would love to give them a try as well as the nail polishes! Great post, Thanks :)

    Em x
    The Design Disciple
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    1. Glad you like :)

      Thanks for visiting. xx

      Following you on bloglovin and twitter !

  2. Ooh what a fab goodie bag, awesome selection of products!
    Ellie | eleanormaes.blogspot.com

  3. Have you tried the Makeup Revolution products? They are great! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. Hi!
      No i havent yet, i have heard they are fabolous products, i will definitely give them a try. :)



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