Superdrug Press Show AW14

Firstly, let me apologies for the quality of these pictures, I accidently forgot my camera which was not great, but had to capture this event, so did what I could from my phone :)

I was invited and had the opportunity to go to this amazing Press Show event hosted by Superdrug. We got the chance to see Superdrug's new health, beauty and gift ranges, meet the experts, the team and they even ran a number of masterclasses throughout the day, this varied from Make up tutorials, Smoothie Making and Health Talks amongst those were celebrity chef Sara La Fountain and The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Pope demonstrating her new hair product range.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend all masterclasses but did get the chance to go to a class by International Make Up Artist Joanna Bernacka to teach us how to create the ultimate eyeliner flick which was great.

I absolutely loved how they merchandised the room, it was unique and original and displayed their awesome products at its best, there were new products from their B make up range, GOSH cosmetics, Studio and not to mention Zoella new Beauty range which will be in stores from 25th September which is exciting!

It was great to see the PR team again as well as the buyers from Superdrug, I also got to meet some great bloggers who I hope to keep in contact with!

What made my day, everyone got to leave with a great Goodie Bag which contained all new products that will be launching - from Lauren Pope Hair Care range, Vitamins and Supplements, Health Bars, Nail Polishes, Make up and much more, I will be sharing these within a future post once I have tried them which I cannot wait for :)

All new products will be avaliable end of September/Beginning of October - Keep your eyes peeled.

Bring on AW14!


  1. It must have been amazing and so interesting!!! I've never been to a Press Event before... I can't wait for your reviews, I'd love to see what they gave you!!!
    (Thank you so much for everything, I tried one mask and the rimmel shadows, love the all <3)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. It was really amazing! Superdrug are my favourite brand, actually the face masks and the MUA lipstick and lipgloss is from that store :)

      Your welcome, Im so glad you like. ill be more than happy to send over some other face masks to you, they have such a variation.

      Their full range can be viewed here:
      Superdrug Face Masks

  2. This sounds so amazing! i've also never been to a press event before & would love to go to one more than anything! Can't wait to see how you got on with the products & see them hit the shelves! x

    Sunaina ❃

    1. It was amazing! When i get the opportunity to go to another one, i would love to invite you along - we can to one together if you like :)


    2. That's be absolutely amazing if you don't mind at all! Thank you, that's so lovely xx

  3. Replies
    1. Aww your welcome! Thanks for the invitiation :)



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