#100HappyDayChallenge.. Progress so far....

A couple of months ago, well 3 months ago to be exact, I told you all I would be participating in the #100happydaychallenge, my original post you can view here

I have to say it is not that easy, I thought it would be a simple case of taking pictures of anything and putting it on my instagram - Ill say the first 40-50 days or so I was really getting into it and taking photos and sharing with you all my most happiest moments on each day, I think when I reached day 60 it started getting tough, its hard to always be smiling and happy especially when you have moments that you get you down or sometimes you are just having a lousy day which is completely natural. We wouldn't be human even we didn't :)

I know the rules state you need to do this religiously every day and post a pic of what made you happy/smile but admittedly I have missed some days, either I completely forgot as life takes over :) or I didnt have anything that made me happy that day.

This challenge means alot to me as I'm using this exercise as more of a personal development and growth as I can tend to be a sad and negative person and I really wanted to change this attitude and way of thinking.

This challenge certaintly has changed that for me and made me realise even the smallest of things can make you smile and its really important to treasure and cherish all happy moments whether they are big or small - from eating your favourite cake, spending quality time with your friends or family to buying a new pair of shoes.

I should technically be on #day86 but I am only on #day70 - before starting this challenge I know up to 75% of those failed this challenge and pretty much gave up once they started, I may have missed 16 days but I'd rather finish this late then to give up and stop - I am very much looking forward to the finish line!

I hope you can all follow me and catch my happy moments via my instagram @yasbeyou if you are also doing this challenge I would love to see yours too, please feel free to pop your details in the comments below and ill give you a follow :)


  1. Keep going with the challenge! :) I know how hard it can be to post everyday but at the end, the sense of achievement and then looking back on the happy memories is one to cherish.
    Love the nail colour in your picture above too :)
    Good luck! x



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