#Manicure 21 - Pink!

As its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, within my workplace we are raising money for this by wearing pink! so I thought to do a nail art to represent this charity.

Nail Polishes: I used KIKO pink and Barry M Gold Glitter
Tools: Thin nail brush and dotting tool

1. As always I applied a basecoat on and applied nail tape across my nails, for two of the nails I applied the nail tape across different directions to create a different effect

2. I applied KIKO pink on each nail and applied two coats to make the colour pop! Make sure to leave them to fully dry.

3. Remove the nail tape carefully, if the nail polish is still wet it can create fuzzy lines. Once removed, I then cleaned up the edges by using a cotton bud and nail varnish remover to create a clean finish

4. Using a thin nail brush and using the gold glitter polish I created a thin line under each nail and followed the lines on the missing spaces

5. Using the same brush, with my best attempt I created the ribbon on one of the nails and then applied gold dots around it.

6. Then apply a topcoat for a shiny finish.

Hope you liked this design, would love to see your creations to help support Breast Cancer, take part and wear pink!


  1. I'm following you now via bloglovin and GFC, so follow back:)


  2. Such pretty nails! they go so well with your tanned skin!


    Chione XX


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