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I did not realise how long I have not posted eek!! Apologies!

During work, whenever I get a free moment or more so during my lunch hour, rather than going out to eat or doing anything else, I do like to use that time and read some of favourite blogs, so wanted to share with you my top favs reads at the moment, these beautiful bloggers vary from those that are well established and those that are just starting out, I love reading a huge variety as its so insightful to see those blogs grow and develop as well as learning from those that have been blogging a long time.

So here goes.....

By the beautiful Sammi, I know many of you will know of this blog as she has a large following, I absolutely love her writing style and especially her photography which is amazing, her content varies from showing her individual fashion style, to her trips away and to the lovely places she has eaten at, whatever it may be, each and every post I find so interesting, useful and captivating! She also has some amazing vlogs you need to check out if you havent already :) I also love her tattoos! I have 3 myself and just love the art...

By the lovely Diana, I have been reading her blog since I started blogging and has been on my favourite list ever since! Diana was also my winner for my first giveaway which I was so happy about and have always supported each other since. Focused on mainly beauty, Cups & Roses shares with you her most loved products and looks and also gives a step by step guide on how to achieve it. Products vary from high street to high end and gives you an overview on what is the best product to use, if you would like some helpful tips, pop over for a visit.

A beautiful blog by Shannon, this is another beauty fave blog of mine, Shannon shares with you all her fave products and always gives a honest review, even if the product does not work which I think is great and absolutely love! Love reading honest reviews and find it refreshing to know what people think of beauty products. From fragrances, make up, haircare to skincare - she has it all. If you would like to know more please visit!

By the stunning Annabel, what captured me to start reading was her title of her blog, I found it so different and unique. Annabel shares with you her beauty faves and of course her top mascara loves whenever she gets a chance! Annabel shares mostly high end products but also features high street brands reviews. I love her writing style and love the simplicity design of her blog too.

Loving this blog, it is such a lovely read, from beauty crushes, food loves and other general tips, this beautiful blog has it all, she also has some fabs vlogs which you need to check out too. What I love she also shares her most personal too, I love her recent blog on braces, this is not always a easy subject to talk about, but was so helpful as I currently looking into having another! eek! Not looking forward to it but reading her thoughts and journey eased me a little. So if you are looking for honesty, all subjects and a nice read then check her out!

Of course there are so much more to choose from, but for now these are some of my top faves I wanted to share with you, hope you will give them all some love and a visit, I am always on the look out for new reads, so please leave your blog link below so I can add to my fave read list.

Hope you liked my selection, whats your faves?


  1. Once again, thank you so so much Yasmin! Your words are so sweet <3
    P.S I'm loving everything you sent me, especially the Tea Tree Concealer at the moment!
    I'm wishing you all your heart desires! :)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  2. Love checking out new blogs!! Thanks for sharing your faves :-) xxx

  3. Love this review! You're so gorgeous also!!

    Chione XX


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