*Nude Jewellery: Christmas Pick

I did not realise how long I have not posted, I have been working on an exciting project for this blog which I cannot wait to share with you, all will be revealed in December :)

I do however want to share with you this gorgeous Contemporary Jewellery brand known as Nude Jewellery.  Established in 2001 and based in the heart of Mayfair, Nude Jewellery pride themselves on providing handmade designer jewellery showing unique and unusaul designs which are made by local, national and international designers.

Nude Jewellery have asked me to share with you my Christmas Pick, this was so difficult to choose as they have a vast range of Bracelets, Earrings, NecklacesRings all made from different materials from silver, pearls, gold, diamonds even leather and wood. 

They have such interesting and exclusive pieces which really will allow you to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, which is what jewellery is all about, you are able to share your personality and style through the choices you make and also completes a simple outfit. 

My decision for my Christmas Pick, was with the thinking of no price budget involved, this would be an absolute dream pick if I was able to own any piece of jewellery. As I love butterflies which as you all know are my most personal loves, any incorporated butterfly jewellery design always caughts my eye and this did.

This ring is so beauitful and exqusite, this unusaul ring is playful, colourful and truly will make your finger sparkle. The design features an amethyst butterfly and a pink sapphire encrusted flower, the way this has been designed allows the elegant butterfly to sit perfectly on your finger like its floating almost. As this is a luxury pick, the price also matches costing £932!

Every girl is allowed to dream! Whats so great about this brand, they truly do cater for all - they have various prices starting from £28 to luxury prices.

My favourite feature of this brand is they make Handmade Engagement Rings if you would like a ring to make us girls say yes! Nude Jewellery have a perfect collection of designer engagement rings to choose from, all rings are handcrafted in-house or selected by UK and international designers. They also have a bespoke service so you can create that perfect unique ring just you. Whats lovely this brand creates one-of-a-kind pieces which I adore.

If you would like to keep up to date with the brand and know all the latest news, follow them on Bloglovin and read the latest on their lovely blog

What would be your christmas pick?


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