Christmas Gifts!

Hope you had a lovely xmas! and enjoying the rest of your holidays.

I wanted to share with you a couple of my top favs Xmas gifts I received from loved ones.

Body Shop Gift Set

I absolutely love Body Shop and all their products, I was thrilled when I opened this, it consist of body butter, body scrub, shower cream and soap, they have this available in many scents from tea tree, strawberry and coconut. This is the Shea Butter which is my favourite as its natural and has a beautiful subtle scent. Most of all I love how it leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed, like I have just stepped out of spa! Looking forward to having one of my pamper days.

Curling Wand

I have heard a lot of about these and must of been going on about it to my family as I was surprised to receive these! Temperature wise these are very hot and goes up to 210c-230c, it comes with a thermal glove to protect your hand although it does feel like a normal cotton glove to me! These are a little tricky to use if you have never used them before, and do work best on long hair. Hopefully ill get the knack of them and can use them well, but will be using the assistance of YouTube I think and following some best tips from some of my favs vloggers!

Swarovski Necklace

My brother bought a beautiful necklace from Swarovski one of my favourites jewellers, love their pieces. This necklace is a gold setting with purple beads running through it and a elegant butterfly wing - which you can see is two individual pieces, one with a purple design and the other a gold setting with Swarovski crystals. This has to be my fave pressie!

I received other novelty gifts also such as pjs, slippers and other gifts sets which you cant have too much of this time of year.

Would love to know your favourite gifts and hope you had a beautiful xmas too :)

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  1. It's beautiful, it really is not the same woman dressed now out of work, and I intend to buy Swarovski crystal to dress themselves, enhance their charm.


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