New Years Resolutions - 2015!!

Hello my lovelies,

So its that time where we reflect and build new goals and targets for the new year. With just under two days left of 2014 eek! I think its always a good idea to create a list of resolutions of things we would like to achieve, they can be from joining a class, being a happier person or any personal goal to you.

So I wanted to share with you my 2015 New Years Resolutions!

1. Be more positive
I can tend to be negative at times or think everything not going to happen or put a damper on things. I would like to reverse that and I guess change my mind set on things and just to think things are not so bad and it will work out ok :)

2. Get out there
There has always been loads of things I wanted to try from learning a instrument, joining classes especially belly dancing I've always wanted to do that but always was a little afraid. We all worry about looking silly, but my goal is to at least join two programmes of some kind - so that should be fun!

3. Vlogging!
Since starting this blog in 2013, I have always wanted to join the world of vlogging and create videos and share myself with all you and my tips. It looks like a lot of fun and but I know the whole idea of it can be daunting and scary and I guess the feedback is what you worry about the most, but all the support with this blog so far has been amazing so it has given me the courage to start looking into it so watch out! If I can be half as great as the likes of BeautyCrush who I love and of course the lovely Zoella - I would be so happy eek!

4. To not Stress or Worry
This would be the hardest challenge of all, of those that know me I worry an awful lot and get all frantic and stressed even its the smallest things, from did I lock the door properly, or if I've lost something, I have gotten into situations where I get into a total fluster and learnt if I just calmed down and not worry so much certain things will be fine and sort what is in our control.

5. Find Love
This would be a bonus if I can find a special someone to share my life with. I guess now I am starting to approach my 30s eeeeeeekkkkk! (scary thought!) its now that time, where I would love to spend time with someone and start building a foundation of some sort and just like every girls dream to find their prince charming!

6. Travel more!!!!!
My aim is to try and visit at least 2-3 countries per year if possible, from beach holidays, to city breaks or even quick weekends away, I really would like to see the world more and experience different cultures, weather, people and food! And would be a great contribution to add to my entries too.

7. Find more me time
So we all know work, family and overall life routine can just take over. I now would like to take even its a couple of hours per week for relaxation and having quiet time, this can be from having a little pamper, to doing a yoga class or even watching a movie - just some me time :)

8. Don't be tempted
So what I mean by this is there can be situation where you know it can be a bad decision but you go for it anyways. One of my main is food, so I have just recently lost just over 2 stone, and I still get tempted by creamy cakes and certain foods I shouldn't eat, so I had a thought where once a month or once every two weeks I would have a treat day where I don't have to think and can devour all my favs! so that way I would get to eat healthy and still have my food loves.

...So there's my resolutions, my main ones :) Hopefully I get to achieve them all and will keep you to date too! 

Have you set any New Years Resolutions, I would love to hear them.... :)


  1. You've picked out some really nice goals there! I definitely need to start being more positive too, people say I'm negative but I call it being realistic haha x

    1. lol.. that is so true! That's what I say it is all about being realistic. But at the same time it would be good to be realistic and positive at the same time


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you hun xx
      I'm going to need it! lol


  3. Some great resolutions here, would love to see your vlogs! Good luck in achieving them all and Happy New Year! :) x

    1. Aww thanks Amy :)

      That's means so much to terms of starting my vlogs! and looking forward to starting it.



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