Salon Confidential Hair Extensions

I was not always open to trying hair extensions, I was most fearful of them falling out! Having tried to grow my hair for the past 7 years since making a huge decision in cutting it all off, I have been missing long hair considerably.

During a browse, I saw these fabulous hair extensions by Salon Confidential which I purchased from Littlewoods, they were on sale and thought why not? I was a little dubious in buying these online as its always a risk but glad to say I managed to pick the right colour to match my hair even my highlights :)

This colour in particular is chocolate brown, which is a lovely in-depth brown tone with copper highlights which blended in with my hair.

In this range there are curly, straight and waves, I picked curly as I often curl my hair as its a comfortable soft hairstyle which I love and thought it would be alot easier to blend in, the extensions come in a beautiful small compact box which is easy for storing and looking after the hair, it comes in various parts to allow you to evenly clip onto the hair.

I would first style my own hair and then carefully part it and clip on each individual hair making sure it is evenly spread, it also provides a mini 'how to' to give you direction of where to put them. The clips can be a little difficult at first in terms of how to clip them on and where but is a piece of cake once you get used to them.

The only disadvantage is unfortunately you cannot apply any heat to these as its synthetic and not natural, however, it is already styled which is a plus and you would only need to wash these once a year (of course depends how much you wear them!)  I would only be using these for special occasions. When you do wash them, all you will need to do is curl them around your finger and leave them to dry naturally.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with them :) once I more comfortable I will definitely be purchasing natural longer lasting extensions.

What is your favourite hair extension brand?

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