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Hi my lovelies!

I cannot believe I left it so long again to publish another post - apologies! But I am working ona exciting project which is linked to this blog which I cannot share wait to share with you, all will be revealed soon.

Beauty will always be a touch base I will always go to, I absolutely go crazy for new products, or products that have a huge craze and just want to be apart of! I have been reading and watching various other beautiful beauty bloggers and many have talked about drugstore/high street brands that give wonderful results just as high end designer brand would.

So I could see for myself, I decided to go to Boots and buy a number of things I've never tried before and share with you all my thoughts!

L'oreal Super Liner

From one of my favourite bloggers Sammi also known as BeautyCrush this was often spoken about and used within her YouTube videos and had to give it a go and try it out. This is a pen liquid liner from L'oreal allowing you to create a signature look in one steady stroke, it is available in various colours and different blacks such as intense black and black crystals

For me, it is not one of favourite eyeliners to use, it does take a little getting used to if you either don't wear eyeliner or don't use liquid, I currently use L'oreal Super Gel Liner which I find is a lot easier to use and it does create a lot more intensity. This pen liner unfortunately I found it difficult to create the same look and found I had to go over the same place a few times to increase the colour.

L'oreal Fallible Lip Liner
I absolutely love Lip liners and never go without them, lip liners in general create and emphasise the perfect lip shape and creates a boldness look to your colour.  When I saw L'oreal had a selection of their own - I could not miss! This Infallible Lipliner truly has staying power which lasts for most of the day, this is in a beautiful nudish tone and can be used with any colour lipstick. The tone truly does contours and redefine the shape of your lips and as a plus, you do not need to sharpen! It conveniently twists to allow you to apply and reapply easily.

It is definitely one of my go-to products!

L'oreal  Paris Color Riche Lipstick

To match my beautiful lip liner, I saw these beautiful lipsticks which are 6 custom made nudes chosen by 6 iconic L'oreal Paris spokespersons from the likes of Cheryl, Julianne Moore and Doutzen Kroes. All these tones create a natural radiant lip colour finish.

I chose Eva Longoria Barely Golden Nude which has a hint of gold added, which will capture the radiance of matte skin and create a sun-kissed effect, it is so easy to apply as it glides on so easily and has a lovely velvety texture which keeps your lips moist and prevents them to dry out. I love this lipstick and looking forward to trying the other available colours.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

This was another much spoken product that I had to try, this is to be used under your eyes only, which I use on top of my concealer. This Eye Eraser Concealer helps brighten the eye area and it really does. It reduces the look of puffiness, and shadows and covers those appearance of dark circles. It is very easy to apply, it has a sponge on the end to allow you easy application and prevents wasting any product too! It also adds a luminous touch adding that extra spark to your finish look. It has now taken an official place in my make up bag.

Maybelline Eye Brow Pencil

I have always wanted to try a product that is used just for eyebrows. I have quite dark eyebrows and the products I have used in the past tend to be too light and could not create a define shape. For me eyebrows are an essential part of your finished look and find when kept clean and shaped, it really emphasis your eyes and helps your make up look to stand out, whether you are doing a bold night look to natural day make up.

This brow pencil is available in a few shades and I thought to try their darkest shade which is Deep Brown, I was overly surprised by the tone and consistency of this. It has a natural wax texture allowing to create fine lines but a smooth groom finish. It is so easy to use and what I love on the other end of the pencil it has a soft mascara-like brush, to help comb through as well as blend the product through your eyebrows to give a natural finish, to help define them. I do often like my eyebrows bold but do I love the natural shape this creates.

Rimmel White Eye Pencil

I love Rimmel products, especially their pencil eyeliners, I love using white for the inner corner of my eye of even on my waterline, it helps give the appearance of opening your eyes and looking brighter. This pencil is so easy to use and glides on easily.

So that's my buys! I hope you get to try out these products, if you have not done so already and hope you get to add some favourites to your make up bag.

What are your favourite products from high street brands?


  1. I'd love to try the concealer and lipstick! Great picks Yasmin! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. Aww thanks hun, thanks for your comment as always :)


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) thanks so much for visiting :)

  3. the Maybelline concealer is my favorite

    1. Ye its my fave too - its really nice and easy to use - good coverage too!

  4. I wish I could shop at Boots!


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