#Manicure 25: Flowers

Hi my lovelies!

So here is another nail art inspired by flowers - I absolutely love flower designs and have done quite a few in previous posts. Here is a quick tutorial on how I created this fun design - hope you like!

I used the following nail polishes:
  • Collection 2000 Baby Pink
  • Barry M White
  • Barry M Gold
  • Barry M Glitter
  • Barry M Nail Paint (Topcoat/Basecoat)

1. Make sure to paint you nails with a basecoat to protect your nails, then apply nail tape on the base of you nails

2. Paint four nails with the pink polish and the ring finger gold, make sure to do two coats for a even colour finish

3. Once dry, carefully remove the nail tape and clean up the edges the best you can

4. Using Barry M Gold Glitter and a thin nail brush, apply a line at the base of the nail of where the line is.

5. Using a dotting tool, create 5 dots one in the centre, and 4 dots around it creating the flower shape - I applied this on two nails.

6. Once dry, I then applied a gold glitter dot in the centre to complete the flower design, I also applied randomly white and gold dots around the flowers to give extra sparkle.

7. For the other pink nails I applied 3/4 small gold dots near the gold base line and for the ring finger with a thin nail brush scatter glitter polish across the nail.

8. To finish, once dry - apply a topcoat to seal the design and to give a clean shiny finish

Hope you liked this design, if there is any you would like to see please drop a comment below!

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