Mini Post #2 Rimmel Brow Gel

Here is another mini post about another beauty fave of mine and its a brow gel from Rimmel Eyebrows are one of the most important features on a face, they are incredibly expressive, draws attention to your eyes and add dimension to your face.

I have become somewhat obsessed with my eyebrows, it so hard to make them appear natural and full and not drawn on, which I have seen a lot of, its vital to have them stand out but not bring attention so learning how to shape and fill your eyebrows is a great skill to have and it is all about practice!

To help with this, I have used every product you can think of pencils, powders, you name it! but this one product is a must for any main product you decide for your eyebrows.

Rimmel Brow This Way Clear Gel helps to groom the brows and fixes all day with a tint of shine and has a lightweight texture to help spread evenly. This brow gel comes in three colours Blonde, Mid Brown and Dark Brown but prefer the clear gel as I can still use my pencils & powders.

Tips: Outline your brows with a pencil and fill in with a powder, then with this clear gel brush this through your brows carefully, this will pick up excess colour and distribute it evenly.

I will put an eyebrow tutorial post soon so keep a watch out for that.

What's your favourite product to use for your eyebrows?

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